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Q: What color can you provide ?
A: Our regular color of 3-ply mask is blue. We can provide customization for other colors like white, green, pink, etc.
Q: Can you provide free samples ?
A: Yes, we are able to offer free samples with shipping freight collected.
Q: How about the time of delivery?
A: The regular lead time is 2 days after receiving payment. It depends on the quantity of goods.
Q: Can you provide OEM?
A: Yes, we can provide OEM service.

Medical Face Masks:
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uhan Huaxin Non-Woven Co.,Ltd
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Ningbo Hemao Garments Co.Ltd
Ningbo Jianxiang Packaging Material Technology Co.,Ltd
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Beijing ZKSK Technology Co.,Ltd
Molewater System Co.,Ltd
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Winner Medical Co.,Ltd
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Crown Name Disposable Hygiene Products Fty.,Ltd
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Xiantao Junlong Protective Products Co.,Ltd
Xiantao Crosscare Protective Products Co.,Ltd
Sword Xiantao Disposable Protective Products Factory
Nantong Gather Excellence-Cleaning Medical Materials Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Huayuan Medical Technology  Co.,Ltd
Changzhou Anshuke Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Blood Biotechnology Development Co. ,Ltd
Jiangsu Clelo Material Technologies Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Micsafe Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
Exanovo Medical Technology(Wuxi)Co.,Ltd
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Violet Home Textile Technology Co.,Ltd
Jiangxi Alice Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
Nanchang Hygimat Medical Co.,Ltd
Inner-Mongolia Haodaifu Medical Technology Co.,Ltd



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